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Our cask beers, along with our first ever Craft Beer, Regal, are regularly available in most quality draught beer outlets throughout Nottinghamshire and beyond.

The regular real ales we produce vary in both beer styles and strength ranging from our session brews, Rock Mild and Rock Bitter weighing in at a drinkable 3.8%, to our strongest mainstay, currently Nottingham Supreme, coming in at a not so quaffable 5.2% abv (Alcohol by Volume).

Our regular beers include a mild; a traditional English bitter; a single-malt beer; and an extra pale ale.

The beers are listed by beer name; then the ABV (alcohol by volume), shown in ‘brackets’, then our official description.of the beer.


Our regular pump clips are available for download in hi-res PDF format – just go to our downloads page and click on the particular thumbnail of the clip you wish to download.

Rock Bitter (3.8%)

This was first brewed by Nottingham Brewery in the 1800's as a refreshing quaffing ale for the thirsty factory workers in the city. Slightly paler than traditional bitter beers of the time it was the forerunner of the India Pale Ale for which the brewery was to become famous and transported thousands and thousands of gallons to the troops of the British Empire all around the globe.

Rock Mild (3.8%)

The mirror image of Rock Bitter, this smooth, dark mild has a biscuity flavour.  Back in the pre-war days this beer would have been on sale in virtually every one of the brewery's jug & bottle counters’ throughout Nottinghamshire, and beyond.

Legend (4%)

A traditional amber-coloured session ale with a flavoursome malt character and lively hoppy finish...a beer that will be talked about for generations.

EPA (4.2%)

A light coloured, exceptionally well balanced smooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish.

Bronze award winner at the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival 2004.

Bullion (4.7%)

A light coloured, exceptionally well balanced smooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish.

Bronze award winner at the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival 2000.

Dreadnought (4.5%)

A rich ruby coloured premium bitter with a well rounded fullness of malt and deep strength of hop bitterness.

Nottingham Supreme (5.2%)

A champion amongst premium beers.  Light in colour and a good hop balance giving an easy drinking, strong ale that commands respect.

Regular Beers

Seasonal Beers

Special & Bespoke Beers

Special and bespoke beers have included charity brews, celebratory specials, and individual recipes for pub companies.

Although we tend to brew traditional English style ales brewed from mainly locally sourced ingredients, we ar not adverse to experiment.

We have brewed several one-off beers, one of the most unusual probably being the Double Jeopardy, produced for the Nottingham Camra Beer Festival in 2001, made with the addition of mushy peas.

We also ventured into the ice cream market in association with local ice cream manufacturers Coronato Brothers Ice Cream producing as far as we know, the world’s first beer-flavoured ice cream…a cool product, even if we say so our selves!

Sooty Stout (4.8%) – October 2012

Sooty Stout can be found at the following pubs and bars in the Nottingham area.

Bell Inn, Nottingham; Bold Forester, Mansfield; Broadway, Nottingham; Bunkers Hill, Nottingham; Company Inn, Nottingham; Dew Drop, Ilkeston; Ernhale, Arnold; Fellows, Morton &Clayton, Nottingham; Final Whistle, Southwell; Hand & Heart, Nottingham; Horse & Groom, Basford; Joseph Else, Nottingham; Last Post, Nottingham; Lion Inn, Basford; Lloyds No 1, Nottingham; Malt Cross, Nottingham; Old Crown, Old Dalby; Salutation, Nottingham; Test Match, West Bridgford; Three Crowns, Wymswold; Trent Bridge Inn, West Bridgford; Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, Nottingham; Woodthorpe Top, Mapperley.

Robin Hood Ale (3.9%) – September 2012
Available at Nottingham’s infamous and well respected Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Pub, Robin Hood Ale is an easy-drinking and pleasant well-balanced bitter, although slightly hoppier than the beer recipes in our core beer range.

Bus Stop Bitter; Erne’Ale Bitter; Hill Top Bitter

Top Tipple (all 3.9%) – June 2012

On the back of the success of TBI Ale we brewed for Wetherspoons’ Trent Bridge Inn, we have brewed this new beer especially for four Greater Nottingham Wetherspoons’ pubs.

The same beer recipe is being sold in the four different Wetherspoon’s outlets under a different name, and badged with the pubs individual designed pumpclip.  The beers are Bus Stop Bitter (the Samuel Hall, The Old Bus Depot, Mansfield Road, Sherwood, NG5 2JN); Erne’Ale Bitter (the Ernehale, 149-151 Nottingham Road, Arnold NG5 6JN); Hill Top Bitter (the Free Man, 334-336 Carlton Road, Carlton); and Top Tipple (the Woodthorpe Top, 151a Woodthorpe Drive, Mapperley, NG3 5JL).

Pale in colour and tasting rather special, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this 4.5% recipe. And what does it taste like?  Well we’re not going to tell you!  We we’d like you to try it, and tell us what you think, after all, if we were to tell you everything than there’d be nothing to be surprised about, would there?

Foundry Mild (4.7%) – May 2012

Centurion Mild (4.9%) – May 2012

First brewed in October 2009 in memory of former Nottingham Camra member Spyke Golding

Tommy Flynn’s Stout – March 2012

Brewed to an old Irish recipe with a very complex flavour with a fairly dry biscuity taste, which makes it a true Irish stout.

Blondeville 1194 (4%) – April 2012

Sir Blondeville was brewed for the Pub People Company, and was launched on St. George's Day at their flagship alehouse, the Lion Inn, Basford, Nottingham.

Sir Blondeville also featured at two St. George’s Day beer festivals at the Plough Inn, Radford, and at the Black Swan in Edwinstowe.

Everlasting Light (3.6%) – December 2011

Brewed for the Pub People Company December / January (2012), and February.

Knights Tale – September 2011

A charity brew for the Notts and Lincs Air Ambulance appeal.

Magic Moon – September 2011

Brewed for the Pub People Company September / October / November.

Summer Daze (5.5%) – June 2011

Brewed for the Pub People Company June / July / August.

TBI Ale – April 2011

Brewed for the Trent Bridge Inn, Nottingham; a Wetherspoon’s outlet.

CLIK Sargant Beer (3.8%) – December 2009

Brewed for Trent FM’s Jo & Twiggy’s Christmas Charity Appeal.

Everlasting Light  – December 2009

Brewed for the Pub People Company.

Centurion Mild (4.9%) – October 2009

Brewed for the Nottingham Camra Beer Festival.  First brewed in October 2009 in memory of former Nottingham Camra member Spyke Golding.

Smooth Radio (4%) – September 2009

Brewed for the Smooth Radio Charity Appeal

Centurion Mild (4.9%) – May 2009

Brewed in memory of former Nottingham Camra member Spyke Golding.

Boro Brunette (4%) – August /Sept 2006

This brunette-coloured best bitter was specially brewed for the Peterborough Beer Festival, but it also appeared at Melton Mowbray Beer Festival and in a number of pubs.

XXS (3.8%) – August 2006

XXS was brewed for the APAS charity (Alcohol Problems Advisory Service), with ten pence from each pint produced being donated to organisation.  The beer was sold through JD Wetherspoon outlets in the Greater Nottingham area and Pub People Company pubs throughout the East Midlands, along with other carefully selected outlets.

The partnership between APAS, the Nottingham Brewery, JD Wetherspoon, and the Pub People Company is thought to be the first of its kind in the UK.

Hooker (4.4%) – June 2006

This was the second brew for the Fellows Morton and Clayton Brewpub in Nottingham, similar in style to Achilles.

Achilles (4.4%) – March 2006

Nottingham Brewery was asked to part brew a beer that would be passed to Fellows Morton and Clayton brewpub (usually a malt extract brewery) for fermentation with their yeast. The resultant beer was sold at the FMC as "Mathews Clayton's Original Strong Ale", however, for capacity reasons, only half of this golden ale went to the FMC, the rest was fermented at Nottingham Brewery using our yeast and was then sold to Baby Bottle Wholesalers of Coventry for sale to their customers as “Achilles”, although one cask was featured at the Newark CAMRA Beer Festival.

Robin Hood Bitter (4.5%) – May 2006

Well balanced brew with a hoppy finish. It is brewed with a triple hop mix of Challenger, Fuggles and Goldings. A one-off brew for the Beer My Guest beer agency, it was launched at the Leicester CAMRA Beer Festival.

Trafalgar Triumph (4.7%) – October 2005

A mid-amber traditional English premium bitter specially brewed to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar.  The beer was launched at a special dinner at the Nottingham Council House by the First Sea Lord.

Boro Blonde (4.2%) – August 2005

Specially brewed for the Peterborough Beer Festival, but also appeared at a number of pub festivals as well.  A continental-style blonde ale, very light in colour, and with a distinctive hop character.  Brewed with a fair amount of torrified wheat.

Olympic Flame (4.2%) – August 2005

Specially brewed for the Pub People Company pubs in Nottinghamshire.

Spoon n' Arrow (4.8%) – July 2005

Specially brewed for the Wetherspoons pubs’ in Nottinghamshire.   A distinctively hopped brew using challenger hops.

Rainbow Chaser (3.8%) – June 2005

This beer was supposed to have been the annual brew of St George's Ale. However due to a mistake insufficient malt was added to the mash and the resultant beer, whilst extremely pleasant, was not as intended. The whole batch was sold to Baby Bottle Wholesale Ltd of Coventry who named it Rainbow Chaser in the various pubs they supply.

Magpie Ale (4%) – August to October 2004

Two new beers were introduced for the start of the 2004/5 football season, Magpie Ale to commemorate Notts County, and another beer brewed fro Nottingham Forest fans, both at 4%. The Magpie Ale is a darkish, traditional bitter and the Nottingham Forest beer is a lighter coloured brew.

Wrong Rock (3.8%) – April 2004

A bit of a rock-up!  This beer was meant to be Rock Bitter, but the wrong hops were used by mistake. Nevertheless it proved a tasty brew and was featured at the 2004 Leicester Beer Festival.  It also appeared in a few pubs during April 2004 but there are no plans to repeat the error.

Express Transit (4.5%) – Oct 2003

A blonde, hoppy ale brewed just once in October 2003. It was commissioned by Nottingham CAMRA to celebrate the 27th Nottingham Beer Festival and to mark the imminent start of the first line of the city's tram system.  It was one of a series of twelve on the same theme that were brewed by each of the local breweries.

Anniversary Ale (5%) – June 2003

A blonde, hoppy ale brewed for the 1st Beer Festival held at the Plough on the weekend of 20th to 22nd June 2003. It was named to commemorate Philip and Niven's three years at the Plough; a one-off brew that was also available in the free trade.

Magpie's Pride (4.5%) – April 2003

A hoppy blonde brew that went on sale 26 April 2003 for an approximate four-week period. Ten pence from every pint sold was donated to the Notts County Supporters Trust.

Rocking Bull (4.2%) – Winter 2002

A beer specially commissioned by the Beer My Guest beer agency of 23 Field Lane, Burton Upon Trent.  It was available to their regular outlets towards the end of 2002 and again early in 2003. It was a special brew and not a brewery mix, but it was described by Philip Darby as being “half way between Rock Bitter and Bullion” – ok so Philip isn't too hot at this beer description lark!

Big Wheel Ale (4%) – Oct 2002

A dark tasty brew, it was commissioned by Nottingham CAMRA to celebrate two of the largest events in the local calendar which occur each year within two weeks of each other - the historic Goose Fair and the Nottingham Beer Festival. Named after attractions at the fair, twelve local breweries each produced a special beer for this initiative.

Nottingham OVB (4.2%) – July 2002

An organic vegetarian brew, specially commissioned for the 2002 Derby Beer Festival using organic ingredients. It was a vegan beer so no traditional finings were added to clarify the brew as these are made from the swim bladders of fish. This beer is very unlikely ever to be brewed again.

Queens Bitter (4.7%) – June 2002

Brewed to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee. It was based on a recipe for the Queens Bitter which was the best selling beer produced by Tennent Brothers of Sheffield who took over the original Nottingham Brewery. Queens Bitter was sold in all of the former Nottingham Brewery pubs in the 1950's and early 1960's and it is still fondly remembered by many.

Double Jeopardy and Mushy Mild. (4.2%) – Oct 2001

Brewed for the 2001 Nottingham Beer Festival using a special extra ingredient - mushy peas!

Our seasonal beers vary throughout the year with a strong respected stout being un-wrapped during the run-up to Christmas.

St Georges Ale (3.8%)

One of only two seasonal brews regularly produced by the brewery; a traditional, old fashioned session-bitter, brewed to commemorate three momentous occasions that take place on the same date –  St George's Day; William Shakespeare's birthday and last, and certainly least, Philip Darby's birthday.  Just one batch is produced each year...when it's gone, it's gone!

Nottingham Noel (3.7%)

A very fruity amber ale produced each year for the festive season. It’s brewed with a triple hop mix of Challenger, Northern Brewer and Goldings which gives it an almost spicy flavour.   It was originally a one-off brew that was launched in 2005 at the beer festival at the Bell Inn, Nottingham.

Sooty Oatmeal Stout (4.8%)

A traditional classic oatmeal stout brewed to an original recipe using only the finest barley malt and choicest hops. “It's food and drink in a glass”.  Only available during the  winter season.  It was Champion Beer of the 2002 Cambridge CAMRA Beer Festival.

Beer-in-a-Box is the next best thing to experiencing drinking the full-on flavours of Nottingham Brewery beers in a bar, or down your local pub with the added bonus of being able to serve yourself, whenever you want, and without having to worry about that dreaded bell signifying “last orders” stocks permitting of course!

Supplied in as real ale in 36 pint polypins, our Beer-in-a-Box range includes Rock Bitter, Rock Mild, Legend, Extra Pale Ale, Bullion, Sooty Oatmeal Stout, Dreadnought, and Nottingham Supreme – all subject to stock availability.

Perfect for parties, birthday celebrations; barbeques, Barmitzvars; anniversaries; office parties; corporate events; and the Christmas festivities – these are only available for collection from the brewery.

In the case of cask ales for events these can be delivered and we can provide all the necessary stillaging, taps, glasses, beer mats, bar towels, and even a bar if required, which we can set-up for you too...but regrettably, we won’t do the washing up!

500 cl bottles of Extra Pale Ale and Supreme are also available, as well as Spirit of Nottingham, our single malt, made with our own malt,

Our Beers